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S. Leitão et al. / Applied Soil Ecology 76 (2014) 124–131 125 test Pesticides with Eisenia fetida sensu lato (E. fetida and E. andrei) (EC, 2009; SANCO, 2002). Tests using other non-target organisms can be per- M. Olaetxea et al. Applied Soil Ecology 123 (2018) 521–537 522. least in part, from those triggered by the interaction of HS with roots.

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Biology and Fertility of  Title proper: Applied soil ecology. Country: Netherlands. Medium: Print. Record information. Last  Amplicon-based metagenomics identified candidate organisms in soils that Applied Soil Ecology 130, 1-12, 2018 Applied Soil Ecology 49, 187-196, 2011. Areas of emphasis include soil ecology; soil erosion management; soil fertility and plant Applied Soil Physics, Soil and Water Management and. Conservation:  Journal of Applied Ecology publishes novel, high-impact papers on the interface between ecological science and the management of biological resources.

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community composition and functional capacity. Applied Soil Ecology 82, 93-99.

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Applied Soil Ecology addresses the role of soil organisms and their interactions in relation to: sustainability and productivity, nutrient cycling and other soil processes, the maintenance of soil functions, the impact of human activities on soil ecosystems and bio(techno)logical control of soil-inhabiting pests, diseases and weeds. A. Schmidt et al./Applied Soil Ecology 107 (2016) 79–90. season brates 2012, the fields had been managed with four different cropping with systems. J. Brown et al. / Applied Soil Ecology xxx (2010) xxx–xxx 3 day, one row of three plots was completed each day for a total of six days for the two simulations.

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/ Applied Soil Ecology 46 (2010) 35–42 37 Fig. 1. Pathogen antagonism by Streptomyces isolates from virgin prairie meadow and never tilled no-till monoculture plots, based on average values by block.

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Journal of Applied Ecology · Volume 53, Issue 4 p.