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av AL Fredriksson · 2016 · Citerat av 15 — Translation into Generic Subject + active verb Adverbial → inanimate agentive-like Subject The text also uses the adjective 'instrumental'. av K Lundin · Citerat av 19 — A full clause like (1:1) consists of a subject and a finite predicate in a relation, primarily Agentive, secondarily Instrumental and thirdly Objective, (2) the  av S Cinková · Citerat av 7 — tive, dative, accusative, instrumental) and one must be prepositional When the structure be going to is used with an agentive subject,  The standard word order is subject–verb–object (svo), though this can often Femmish also has agentive nouns ending in -ist which usually denotes a In Femmish, instrumental nouns are essentially treated as though they  av J Nivre · 2008 — diction, and corpus linguistics, she has been instrumental in establishing a per, while tentative and subject to further scrutiny, should be seen as a step in (intentional) Agentive, in other cases to an Experiencer (Bearer) of a state or process  In addition, the "irregular" group should be subject to a more fine-grained of the "agent-instrumental suffix" *-lu/-ngku conditioned by the length of the word  For example, some progressives can occur with certain stative predicates, as in 1:8a); some. 3 An agent is understood as typically human and volitional subject  av Å Viberg · 2016 · Citerat av 1 — reference of the understood Agent of the infinitive is controlled by the subject of A special construction is used: försvara (sig) med att-S. (med is an instrumental  av N Martola · 2007 · Citerat av 23 — The topic for this study is the Swedish preposition åt. m.m.

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Fillmore (1968: 25) räknar upp kasusen Agentive, Instrumental, Dative,. Factitive  av C Wikström-Grotell — aspects of place that concern conditions for action and how the agentive role of To become a subject is a deeply personal and intersubjective process education educational, not instrumental; we have presented components in making. spouse cargivers can make their subject positions understandable and meaningful, Abortion as agentive action: reproductive agency among young women demarcations of instrumental, conceptual and persuasive research utilization,  Topic HON Honorific UQ Universal quantifier INF Infinitive V Verb INST Instrumental 8 In some languages subjects that are agentive, in control of the activity or volitional, I call it Differential Subject Marking as in other DSM languages. Witty headlines in The Times Literary Supplement are the subject of the first him—the preposition s ‗with' combines with the instrumental case of prutik, In EU documents for example, the agentive reference with regard to  Her research interest includes embodied conversational agent, nonverbal For subject con- Proceedings of the 20th Nordic Conference of Computational that in this MWE the syntactic head is always used in the instrumental case (teigimu),  Hebrew/Aramaic imperative indicative indefinite indirect infinitive instrumental those of lexical verbs is that modal verbs can have their own agentive subject. Modality and Subordinators Studies in Language Companion Series (SLCS) This series has been established as a companio About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators agentive tagmeme and modification of pre-fix pattern of the predicate) gives four fur-ther derived agentive instrumental types (clll-14). See diagram II. Multiplication of kernel cl-4 by still an-Actor Goal Subject oriented oriented oriented Nonconjunct Cll Cl3 Cls Conjunct C12 C14 Cl6 Diagram I: Kernel clause types Cl C13 C12 C14 C17 C19 Cl8 Instrumental and Agentive CALL in Learning French as a Foreign Language. Herrmann, Francoise This report presents the statistical results of two pre- and post-test measures of learning arising out of two different second language computer assisted language learning (CALL) contexts.

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arguments, and semantic case (such as instrumental or directional), which Moreover, the instrumental subject is only possible with agentive verbs (such as  Rephrase the old subject (nominative) as agent (instrumental). Remember that the participle will have to agree with the new subject. If the transitive sentence  Tool/Instrument (what was used to perform the action): rock. Semantic/thematic roles (agent, patient) are different from grammatical roles (subject or object).

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This is an additional program that will contribute towards to your QCE. This is not Correlation B: An instrumental reading is possible only for the nominals derived from verbs for which the expression of an instrumental performing a ‘subject’ role is available. That is, the external argument generalization holds for [-event] instrumental -er nominals, too.2 To illustrate this, compare the instrument in (8) with those in (9). Abstract.

Agentive pronouns are used only if the verb is transitive and the action the verb describes is completed.
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You can browse those The Agentive Case (གིས་). Functions of the Agentive. (The most typical semantic role of a subject is AGENTIVE; that is, the animate being instigating or causing the happening denoting by the verb); 8.

Abstract. The present study evaluated levels of instrumental and expressive traits and vulnerability to severe depression.
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A corpus-based contrastive study of the passive and - GUPEA

• For example: The key opened the door Instrumental Subject 8. Concerning the agentive phrase, following Janda’s Case Book for Russian, I view the Russian passive agent in the instrumental as an extension of instrumental: a means. This makes the passive agent low in salience in its role as the originator of the event (Enger & Nesset 1999:40-41). Compare Israeli’s (1997:176) finding that the agent of the DEVELOPING AGENTIVE SUBJECTS IN SCHOOL: A RUSSIAN CASE STUDY OF EDUCATIONAL CHANGE FROM BELOW.

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Thus the subject affects the object. or. does something to the object.